Homeland Keyword : Ignorant


For time immemorial the natives of this blasted land have persisted, despite the desolate terrain and cruel rulers, whether troll, mandarin or demonic entity. They persist because they know no better, in the desolate hills of Ignorance, eaten by troll overlords and now taxed by uncaring mandarins.

"When awful darkness and silence reign
Over the great Gromboolian plain,
Through the long, long wintry nights;
When Storm-clouds brood on the towering heights
of the Hills on the Chankly Bore:
Then, through the vast and gloomy dark..."


Occupations Entertainer, farmer*, foot soldier (skirmisher, regular, shock), healer, hunter, merchant, petty noble, thief, sailor, nomad, warrior
* Ignorant farmers do not plough, or work hard.
Native Abilities Unhygienic, No Abstract Thought, Brutal
Typical Personality Lazy, Rude, Shun Literacy, Abhor Rice, Cowardly, Suspicious, Gullible.
Typical Flaws Illusion, Ignorant, Sensational, Materialist.
Typical Relationships none
Magic Common Magic, Imperial Adorations (veneration), Ignorant Pantheon (theism), Hsunchen Traditions (animism).
Common Names Heseroon Marn, Kui Hui, Lu Way, Can Shu, Li Phanquan, Yao Fune, Ling Chung, Pai Raouw, Wo Lung Dung, Tung, Kulang, Julang Hombondol, Ban Yow, Huang Is

Common Magic

Stupid Gods

The name of this religion is more of an exclamation than a proper theological name, a phrase heard whenever things go wrong in a way inexplicable to the Ignorant.
Feats Avoid Work, Disinherit descendants, Recite Gobbledigook, Not Know One's Place, Shiver, Uncontrolled Emotion.
Charms Annoy parents, Survive Poor Health, Believe Illusion, Shirk Duties
Spells Ward Against Superstition, Enjoy Gluttony, Revel In Wealth, Ignore Advice, Crude and Rude.

Okerio Allgiver and Ebe Wild Man

Okerio was the Wife given to Ebe by Mercy of Dragon. Aptanace the Sage and his descendants, the True Humans, came from their association. Ebe was the First Human. He related with many Lives for his Loneliness until he was given his Wife. And he made many other races - such as the Dozaki (Trolls) and Babadi (Dwarfs). Ignorants sometimes say that they are the bastard children of Ebe, and that Okerio is a slut who has nothing to do with them. Despite this a few know some of their magics.
Feats Enjoy life, Get Angry, Vigour, Sing Raucous Song.
Charms Endure Hunger, Inspire Pity.
Spells Bless Beer, Make Rice Wine, Tame Wild Man, Vigorous Mating.

Hsunchen Beast Cousins

The people of Kralorela are allegedly descendants of The people of Ignorance are allegedly descendants of Wild Man. However, many are also descendants of the many other children of Wild Man - these beast peoples are now generally absorbed in the general mass of Ignorants but their spirits give charms that are still useful to their descendants. The local Hsunchen include the Deer, Tiger, Yak, Day Bat, Night Bat, Eagle, Cloud Leopard, Wild Pig, Jungle Hen, Combed Sheep, Four tusk elephant, Spurred Deer, Barred Seal people, their distribution varying from Province to Province.
Charms specific animal related charms.

Specialized Religions

Imperial Adorations

The worship of the Emperor is the state sponsored religion of Kralori citizens, run by assistants to the mandarins, generally the village headman, or urban block warden. These assistants act as spies on other villages, and denounce troublemakers. Sometimes a Mandarin will conscientiously try to include the natives in his rituals, usually to his regret and disappointment.
Abilities Sagely Wisdom, Worship Exarchs.
Assistants (Liturgists) only: Venerate Exarchs
Virtues Humble

Imperial Adorations

Common Blessings Be Content with Life, Bless Exarch, Good Citizen.
Special Blessings Name Child, Protect from Illness, Resist Devils, Resist Sensation, Resist Ignorance, Resist Materialism, Resist Illusion, Bless Marriage, Bless Corpse.
Curses: Curse Enemy, Curse Devils.

Worshipped Gods

Blood Sun

Affinities Blood Rain, Blood Feast, Blood Red

Bodkartu, the Terrible Woman

Affinities Curse, Secret, Revenge.

Black Sun

Affinities Darklight, Illusion

Shadow Cancer

Affinities Shadow, Growth, Hunger

Secret Waters

Affinities Secret, Water, Fear

Earth Eater

Affinities Earth, Devourer, Decay

Star Permutator

Affinities Stars, Change, Void

Majestic Spirits

Cannibal Cult
Day Bat
Night Bat
Cloud Leopard
Wild Pig
Jungle Hen
Combed Sheep
Four tusk elephant
Spurred Deer